Have a colourful day!

Our cosmetics provide a positive emotional experience. The reason that happens is not only because of it´s transforming effect on your skin and the attractive aroma of nature:

The vibrant colors of all Botanical Soulmates products are 100% natural pigments.

They come from Polyphenols, which are components derived from plants, fruits and flowers.

We use them in our products to make your day more happy and colourful, but above all because they benefit your skin health; they are very powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers. 

Superstar Ingredients

Plants will bring life to stone walls, just as they will give luminosity to a dull skin.

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  • Nicole Meijer - Netherlands.

    Botanical Soulmates' products are lovely. I have been using the Serum and Night Mask for several weeks now and my skin is glowing. The Serum feels silky and luxurious. The Night mask leaves my skin radiant and I also use it as an SOS mask just before going to a party.

  • Ellis Breit- Netherlands

    I am a loyal customer because I fell in love with Botanical Soulmates products from the very first moment. I have a package of sent to me at least three times a year. The products are gentle on the skin, smell wonderful, contain no chemical rubbish and the most raw materials are grown by Isabel herself, which makes it extra special. Ibiza in a jar, pure, sincere and with a lot of love.

  • Marisa Welzen - Ibiza

    The Day-Cream does miracles for me. I can fully recommend this cream, especially for dull an dry skin that needs a boost!

  • Florine Michels - Netherlands

    I have been using the products made by Isa for years now and am very happy with the results; a radiant and well-nourished skin. Fortunately, she is now expanding her range with Botanical Soulmates!