A Day in My Botanical Soulmates Lab: Where Skincare Meets Science

Welcome to just a day in my life at Botanical Soulmates, 

On this picture I am just starting my experiment for an ultra hydration product with Malva flowers and Snow Mushroom(Tremella Fuciformis)

Every morning, I enter my laboratory on the enchanting island of Ibiza, where my personal journey begins. I envision individuals with unique skin needs and how our botanical ingredients can be their trusted companions to improve their skin situation. That can be my mum, my daughter, my husband or sometimes a person that I just met on the street.

In my precious sanctuary of inspiration, my shelves are adorned with carefully sourced herbs, oils, and extracts. Each ingredient holds a story of resilience, adaptation, and natural wonders.

As I blend, measure, and create, I'm transported into a world of botanical symphonies. Everytime again humbled by the miracles of nature!

My hands caress the glass beakers and vials with tenderness, knowing what I create here has the power to change lives and elevate a human experience.

The journey from concept to final product is meticulous, filled with a harmonious blend of science, intuition, and unwavering love and passion. When a new creation is born, it feels like greeting an old friend, someone who will accompany our customers on their journeys to embrace their true selves.

Botanical Soulmates isn't just about products; it's about stories and emotions. I create skincare that enriches lives and touches the soul. 

This is a day in my life at Botanical Soulmates, here's to each Botanical Soulmates creation, each smile it brings, and each soul it touches. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make your skin, and hopefully, your day, a little brighter. 

Thank you for being part of this beautiful journey, where using our products turns you into a Botanical Soulmate as well.

Un gran Abrazo from your Green Chemistry Guru :) 



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