What is the secret of Botanical Soulmates?

I describe myself as an extremely curious collector. Endless research into the best of nature for our skin and senses helps me create a collection with the most effective and powerful extracts out there : these extracts are the SUPERSTARS that are processed in the ultimate cosmetic formulas.

Botanical Soulmates works with the best quality of active ingredients of plant origin and bio-sustainable crops. Always with the newest in technological innovation and harmoniously combined with powerful botanical extracts traditionally used for centuries by the people of Ibiza, the authentic Ibicencans, for their beneficial characteristics for the skin.

Ancient alchemy practices

Most of the cosmetic brands on the market are emulsions of oils and water. The aqueous part of these emulsions is usually distilled water, but we adopt ancient alchemy practices using hydrosols from plants and flowers for the aqueous part of our products; hydrosols are better than water, because it provides cosmetic properties of the plant, while water only acts as a solvent.

Botanical Soulmates aims to alleviate skin problems such as eczema, acne, and ‘unwishful’ results of aging skin. Aging should not be seen as a bad thing. Wrinkles can be beautiful!

Botanical Soulmates just soften their appearance at the places where they are least wanted (please be very proud of your laughing wrinkles!)

Our products rebalance and slow down the whole skin aging process by the use of cold pressed plant oils, potent antioxidant botanical extracts and skin caring vitamins.

Botanical Soulmates products protect you and will leave you with a happy healthy skin glow. I strive to make you more aware of the power of nature while applying our skincare products, even if you live in the heart of a bustling city!

I strive, despite the rush of our busy lives with crowded agendas, to make you reflect every day on your connection with the earth and her nature while using my products.
Allow yourself time for a beauty ritual and soak up the natural aroma that brings you back to that wonderful memory of smelling a flower or plant. Feel that protective, healing and softening effect provided by the extracts of flowers, herbs, grains, cactus, nuts, roots, resins and berries.

Botanical Soulmates creates all of your orders with lots of dedication guided by science and ancient wisdom.