Isabel Dumas

My name is Isabel Dumas and I am an absolute nature freak.

I am a qualified specialist in herbal medicine, in skin therapy and in the science of organic cosmetic formulation. 

With my company ISA-Ibiza softens Age I am the proud developer of the natural cosmetics line ‘Botanical Soulmates’ and in my Botanical Soulmates Lab in San Rafael, Ibiza, I also give workshops to like-minded people; passionate lovers of the beauty and power of nature.

My motto is: Take a good look around you every day and be fascinated by the botanical life that surrounds you! Even in the busiest cities, mother nature knows

how to work through the stone and concrete, just look at the photos of my cosmetic brand Botanical Soulmates that were taken in the old capital of Ibiza.

How it started

I would like to share my story with you about the philosophy, history, and origin of my natural cosmetics company Ibiza Softens Age (ISA).

Since the year 2000 I have lived very gratefully on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. My mother, who was a model at the time, traveled a lot for her work, and took me to the island at least four times a year since I was a little baby. Each time when we returned home I immediately longed intensely for the scents of the sea and above all for the plants and trees that grow on Ibiza´s red fertile soil.

From an early age I was fascinated by Ibiza´s beauty and by the more than 250 species of medicinal plants that grow on the island.

The love for plants is in my genes. My grandmother had the most beautiful vegetable garden and my father used to tell us everything about the plants we encountered during our walks. His books on botany intrigued me already at an early age, but I started deepening my knowledge when I came to live here on Ibiza permanently; I was a skin specialist by profession at that time and I started my studies of plant medicine in the same year I settled down on the island.

On our 300-year-old ecological Ibicenca farm I started a family with three beautiful children. I worked for years in my own vegetable garden, sold my own ecological vegetables in our home shop, made bread and milked our goats twice a day to make yogurt and delicious cheeses from that milk. In short, I lived and experienced the Circle of Nature.

Farming was a lifestyle and a side job. For my real profession as a skin specialist soon I started creating skin care products. The ingredients I used came from our own land. I obtained beautiful extracts from special plants from our island with sublime active properties, but I soon noticed that my plant knowledge alone was not enough to make high-quality natural cosmetics so, I started a life changing study about the science of organic cosmetic formulation. After getting my degree I passionately founded my natural cosmetics company ‘ISA - Ibiza Softens Age’ with  the brand ‘Botanical Soulmates’.

How does ISA create a product that really works?

I describe myself as an extremely curious collector. Endless research into the best of nature for our skin and senses helps me create a collection with the most effective and powerful extracts out there : these extracts are the SUPERSTARS that are processed in the ultimate cosmetic formulas.

ISA´s beauty filosophy: Remember, the first way to a healthy happy skin is through your lifestyle!

We all know the factors that contribute to bad skin care: Stress, unhealthy eating (such as too few vegetables and fibers, too much sugar and too many saturated fats) drinking too little water, not doing enough exercise, smoking, too much alcohol…If we take a little TIME to think about this, we can all come up with the things that are not so smart to do (too much) in life. Not so smart for our overall health and therefore not for your skin either.

Taking time for yourself gives room for self-insight (what does my everyday lifestyle actually look like?) Taking time avoids stress and ensures that you can experience moments of happiness more intensely and consciously.

This knowledge, together with the cosmetic science I collect for you, will ensure happy and healthy skin for all of us.

With love,

 ISA and mamá Naturaleza.